Because simple is enough…

This time, I tried.

This time, I’m better at it.

I’m not perfect, I’m just ‘better’. And that is enough.

Today marks the 7th week of my stay in the states. I have a friend with whom I’m truly connecting. God, she is such a sweet heart. I’m not afraid I will leave in a week. I’m connecting, even though I have no idea whether or not we will meet again. I’m grateful for that. I’m alive because of that.

I have a plant (for 6 weeks now), and it is still very much alive, and in full blossom. I had help maintaining it, and with help, I might maintain other things. Oh Allah, please guide me to you, please be my Helper and Maintainer.

My research was mediocre. That is …

It’s not enough, I know. But I’m trying. One step at the time, baby steps, and I’m gonna make it.

I just need to hang in there a little, get up one more time, give it another shot, and ‘boom’, I’m making it. I know that is coming down the road, and I just need to keep hanging… It is happening, I know… As long as the records show more ups than downs, it is gonna be fine. It is fine.

May your life be filled with new starts, and hope, and enthusiasm.

May your road be filled with achievements,

May you be .. YOU

My best to you,



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