A visit to remember

This post is coming at pre ~8:00AM, a time that I religiously dedicate to serious work. My serious work this morning is none but this post!

Part of that is a  simple fact: ideas and feelings are time and space bound, and both twist thoughts in the most unexpected of ways. That was the fate of my previous post: still hanging in ‘Drafts’ area, while I vaguely relate to its occasion!


A new story begins:

The Blue Waters day!

That was yesterday, 20/6/2016: 2:30 pm Urbana time*

My hosting supervisor, with an overwhelming generosity and concern, has put tremendous effort making my short time in UIUC worthwhile. I can vividly see he was right -as always. This IS super cool!

See… The Blue Waters is not a super computing facility.

It is not a data/ research centre.

The place is an engineering master piece, in all that goes with the word: I would talk about power generation and distribution, but then the cooling system and plumbing is just as admirable. I could reflect on the structural design and , but then can I go without actually talking about the supporting services, energy savings, contingency measures..etc?…That building is something!

And yeah, it does BIG heavy-duty computations! And academics CAN use it- I’m sorry, they ARE using it!

So.. Let me take a short cut, and skip all these details (you still get to see the pictures though!)

I’m in more owe of the accompanying package.

The road trip included a fellowship (but no ring) of 5: 2 undergrads: Shelby and Carleigh, and 2 established staff @ the IGB: Jessica and Subha..

And right in the middle, myself. Could it be better?

We rambled in the road: the typical: what  you do. Then the aspects of Urbana/ Champain that revealed itself on the road. Some of that is American, some of that is historical, and some is just personal experience.

This is not really the first time to be with this group, and each time, I’m more touched.
They are all super friendly, a unique characteristic of the entire HPCBio group really. I’m only humbled by that. Young and mature, everyone is open and paying attention to my -quite often- meaningless rambling… Bless their souls!

Then what is it that scares me off that bad? What kind of concrete did I fall into and won’t let go- at least not easily?

If there is a ‘fall – safe’ environment, then this is it. If there is a true learning experience anywhere, then this is it.

Dear me: I’m begging you to open up. I’m asking you get out of the cocoon – it is safe outside. It is brighter outside.

From a friend: “My life has margins and it’s meant to be enjoyed, not wasted.”

To a fruitful day, and life time!

Be you…

And I leave you with some photos from the day:



* Maybe it was January this year, maybe it was May. Actually, I could trace to  when it all began: meeting with my home supervisor: January, 2015. But, if I’m fair, time is not a point. One is here today, because one was there yesterday; and it is all linked


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