What if…

This time, I’m writing from Senegal. A truly hidden pearl in the furthest west of Africa.

Coming to here, I resumed my old book again. By now, Jude has failed to forgive JB.The reason I put it as such is that I don’t totally agree with the narration. I’m not hoping that Jude be the ‘better person’. I’m not hoping for the friendship to be resumed. To the contrary; I’m hoping for a fight, some yieling, and then reconcilation -eventually any way.

See, I think it was the other way around though. Maybe it Jude who should be asking to be forgiven.

JB’s mistake was easily identifiable. Therefore,, easy to point a fingure at, easy to claim the hurt from.

Judes’ wasn’t.

I mean, how do you forgive the absence. How to get over that moment you miss him. The moment one when you can feel the touch, but open your eyes and you see an empty chair staring at you.

How about the joke only he understands, or the book that you read and barely finish because you would debate no more..

How about that fight you never had, or , or , or just that time you simply missed him

JB could forgive all this. JB did not decide it was too much, and he.. waited. And he waited.

And that is a virtue.

Jb also asked for forgiveness, so for this brief moment, he is also my hero…


To a life of mistakes,

To a life of forgiveness,

To a deliberate love, to a real life.

May yours be as such!



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