children are said to be  many things, depending on your side of the wall…

In my side today, was a child, in the lab of his mom –> therefore, he is quite, lovely, and simply put: a little angel… May Allah make him a coolness to the eyes of his parents..

And… He actually LAUGHED with me! If my sister was here she would be jeaolus!  And for the time being, I will assume the role of a heroin.. The child laugh, no, I ‘made’ him laugh,  therefore, I must be possessing some kind of goodness afterall… Ain’t that what children measure best? The quality of a person standing before them?

I don’t know why I’m writing these,  maybe just trying to get back on track, and wishing for …. Beauty, innocience, grace & success

May your life be filled with that which pleasese  your heart… May it is spent in the way that pleases your Creator …



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