I like you!

Just let me state that I’m amazed by human nature!

In my case, that phrase was all that it took! And it was a maybe, not even a definite maybe, which means, it was very very very close to nothing! But it worked!

‘I like you’ made the difference between me treating myself as you would expect, and then admiring her again!

From an almost a never existed person! I don’t have a name, neither did I see the face. Needless to say that at this point, I haven’t heard the voice neither.. But I got the phrase, and the object of admiration was none but myself…

I mean, to some extent, I thought I’m full…Like as if I was at the (fine! near the) top of my game… I knew I had issues, but for sometimes, I could logically think them through… Until the ‘magical phrase’ came along!

Does it mean, that all along, I’m actually eager to it? That just like the next girl, that part of me is just as sensible.. Then how to tune that stubern head I call mind.. The one that just keeps hitting the wall- the same wall- over and over again!!!

As Scott M. Peck puts it, if a certain technique -stuberness in my case- has worked for you before, it doesn’t mean it will scale up automatically throughout your life, you need to revisit your map, and adjust as it fits… Face reality, fight with it, but embrace it eventually… Don’t waste a life time- the only time you have- fighting silly battles..

Dear me… For a change, listen to what you lecture!

Hoping you all a life of reality and love..

fi aman Allah,



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