Post mid-night thoughts

So… It is another post! Glad to write these!

And don’t get me wrong…. What brings me here is that self-promise made towards end of last year– Kenya’s time…  I simply owe it to me!

For this post, I’m sharing some reflections from the book I started reading last November…. It’s called ‘The road less travelled’, by M Scott Peck…

On account of ‘life’, the author makes it very clear that ultimately,  it comes down to discpline. Think about that in the context of your career, it makes perfect sense immediately. But the news is,this is true -according to the book at least- when it comes to relations; social and intimate…

The theory is that displine is based upon 4 pillars: acknowledging responsibility, reality, balancing, and the fourth is delaying gratification. And it goes in a feedback loop  activated by love. Love itself is huge work, or as he puts ‘extending oneself’… This extention is a growth, s a birth process, always messy, but also a huge celebration…

I’m actually biased on my report. The section I read yesterday was entitled ‘The risk of independence’… It was the author’s own experience escaping his pre-planned life path, and fleeing to the land of unknown. I wouldn’t have written it better myself… The prestigious eductation, the marvelous opportunity.. ONly one caveate: ‘I just didn’t seem to fit’… So, I escaped! I didn’t do it his way, but it was clear to me, I needed to get out… I wouldn’t say I’m an adult now though, if anything, I’m digging a way, and I hoope it leads out of the maze.

I’m concluding with my quote of the chapter: “The only real security in life lies in relishing life’s insecurity

Praying for enlightenment, for guidance, and wisdom…

fi aman Allah,






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