Chnage, really?

“How does a girl who falls, no actually jumps eyes wide open, down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos come out unchanged? The answer: She doesn’t…”*

When I heard that quote for the first time, I was scared for that girl. I wished if she could come out intact.

Today, not so much.. See, by this age, what I came to realize is that change is inevitable. Whether you go down a hole, or simply walk by in your life, after X years passing from your life, you are simply put: ‘a different person’. Even if your choice is to stand still, you are a different person. Let me elaborate.

Consider the example of that 60 years old man who lives in 2016. He had no access to computing devices growing up, and now there are everywhere. He therefore refuses to learn the use of any modern day technology, resulting in loss of connection with even his own kids. He is different from the man he was at age 20 for that essentially he feels differently. I can imagine a good amount of misery in his heart as a result of being disconnected, and therefore I conclude that he is different simply for failing to change.

Now back to our girl. She took a rather tough way for change. ‘down the rabbit hole’. It ryhmes with the idea that change=love=hard work. And that this equation is especially true if your target is your inner self.

While believing all the above, the idea that hit me recently, is that how many times will be a ‘new beginning’. How many chances do I actually have? On so many levels, I feel as though I have already consumed my credit: whether it is with my friends, my colleages, and even at work; the work I associate with the meaning of my life actually. (yes, I’m a workaholic, but that confession goes to a different thread).

I put this down into words, to reject this later idea actually. I put this down into words to remind myself of that prophetic saying meaning that ‘chances are over only when you decide to give up’…

This is me inviting myself to pick up the peaces and stand up. This is me begging myself to walk on my feet one more time, fall one more time, and stand up again.

This is me inviting you all to give it one more try.

May Allah ease that which is right for you, give you wisdom & courage, and grant sincerety and acceptance..

Be in peace ❤

*PS: That quote is actually from a movie I watched ages ago. This is not an invitation to track it down, but only quoting a well-put phrase.


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