Blog: local postdoc to international hipster postdoc

Priceless! Thank you very much

natalie matosin

Jan 2016. As most of my followers know, I’m about to commence moving from one side of the world to the other in six weeks (Sydney -> Munich). This is because I’m beginning my second postdoc post since leaving my PhD lab, about 12 months ago now.

I still consider myself junior and still have a lot to learn, but so far I’ve acquired some general experience with transitioning between jobs, and the challenges that comes with changing projects and environments (will be writing about this soon – stay tuned). Now I am about to relive this experience again, but also throwing in an international relocation, and to a country where I do not speak the native language.

To try to make this transition as smooth as possible, I asked some twitter friends their advice on moving overseas and starting a new postdoc abroad. I found their advice really helpful and thoughtful. I imagine…

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