Feeling like..

January is a funny time for me.. More so as i was filing an online form a couple of days ago..
Nothing particularly special except that it asked: how old are you.. In less than a month, that number will change.. which do I write..

I think that’s one of the manifestations of panic: I’m actually growing old.. and typicaLly, the bitter question is that question of growth: spiritual, psychological, personal & even social.. frankly, on this last category, and it is also debatable on the other aspects…

Since this is a time of both regret & hope.. Maybe it helps if I open a little.. by now, I heard this statement over a dozen times.. but does it really mean?..

What I’m failing to communicate is that I’m aiming for a change, or put accurately, an adventure.. An old friend mentioned how boring my life must be, but unlike that viewpoint, I’m not considering changin the route  from uni to home..

At this stage, my adventure needs to be lively: full of passion, action, experience, discoveries.. it ought to be lifelong lasting. Maybe in the middle of Africa, or the shores of the Pacific.. maybe in the box of modern day life, or the slowness of a day in the country yard..
It needs to be genuine.. it needs to be.. ‘mine’..
But let me be humble. It needs not be perfect, it needs not be flawlwss.. it just needs to be ‘humane.’..

Taking responsibility,  this is something i create, albeit with a touch of serendipity. .. funny how it is gonna be a journey on its own!

To a life-long “life”..

May yours be filled with achievment and fulfillment..
May this mark the beginning of this birth moment in your life..
Happy everythig!


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