Humane <3

This week, it is a different story!

My ‘weekly party time’ did not put me physically close to Kahraman, my new little heaven away from the city… The closest to that, is actually a video created from last week!

And maybe, just to take you too there, maybe check it out yourself: , Can’t help but wonder how it would feel actually being on board… Maybe some day I will!

My ‘party’ rather took a more ‘humane’ turn. It was a 101 social party of 2. With an old friend from university time. Recently, it seemed that we need some kind of super power to actually meet, aka, social (happy/ sad) obligatory gathering (eg. wedding/funeral) . We should, but we don’t, and the mere use of that phrase is sad on itself…

I realized that being friends with someone implies you loving them. Involves you actually acting as such. You caring, You at least calling for no particular reason but to say ‘hey, I miss you’… This very least bit, I don’t do!

And for some mystical reason, she chose me! she continues to choose me to this very day… Am I that good? no! Is she big hearted? Yes! Will this go on for ever? I don’t know!

I know that I’m grateful for having her. I know I can’t thank her for existing. I know I can’t speak enough of her big heart, wisdom and forgiveness.. As if, her name was chosen to reflect those meaning: ‘Samah’

Beyond this, I’m clueless… Beyond this, I’m asking for forgiveness, for all that I have ever inflected upon her, for all that I might impose on her… this is all I can offer her. And she is free to reject. But more so, appreciated to choose to stay…

To a great friend, a true teacher, and a dear sister…

My gratitude and respect…

May Allah bless you, and guide this company to that which pleases Him… Amen


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