This time, let me generalize from an unusual specific incident for a change… Let me break from the rules of idealism and perfection to those of humanity and imperfection.. Let the ideas just flow, in even more abrupt way than usual.


No, it doesn’t snow in Khartoum. That ‘serendipity’ scene is unlikely.

It is also true that in 2016, if you need to check so many portals for news.. Then it is probably that ‘he is just not that in to you’….

Does that eliminate romance? No, it just definitely eliminates passivity, naivety, and the list goes on…

It takes courage.

It takes a leap of faith.

It endures pain as well.

Is it specific? No. The wisdom is borrowed from life at large:

Dream big

Work hard

Fight mediocre

Resist passivity

–>Miracles will then follow. Legends are born

How worthy!


This is an invitation for action. Let it be the resolution of the year.

Stay strong!



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