Empty =~ Possibility!

This one is coming very late actually. 2 days after the ‘party time’,  and after stopping for 9 days now!

I plead guilty!

As I was writing this post in the everlasting presence of Kahraman, the Nile itself was literally ‘deadly’ still; in either surprise or disappointment, or maybe, just maybe, it stopped believing I would come, until I eventually showed up. I don’t really know.

But I get it.

Or, let’s say, I hope I get it: the ‘world’ has other things to do besides waiting for me, and it will just do that as always.

Despite my words, at this stage, I’m not trying to beat myself up hardly. I’m not clapping either though. See; my week was better than the previous week, and I didn’t need to think hard about achievements, I can list some anyway. I did OK.

The thing is, the thing is.. why settle for ‘OK’, if you can get ‘good’. I mean, I know I can get ‘great’, so why settle for any less… That is as simple as it is…

Tai promised not to be in a position where he lacks the means to sieze an opportunity: means being money, health, relations, time or expertise. When I heard that, I thought I enternalized the concept so deep that I promised myself that as well.

It turned out… I did not!

I can enumerate some lost opportuniteis from last week as well!

I totally had a different ending to this post, until I checked my email. It was Tai again.

Only this time, he said: ‘Be better than “just” great. Be legendary‘: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFIoioofUE4

I will Tai.

This is my new year’s resolution. I am in a journey to be legendary. I hope you join me…

May blessings, wisdom and sincerity accompany you. May your pursuit be that of pride and honor, and may your spirit be that of a bird: always free…

fi aman Allah,




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