First things first: I’m in the presence of Kahraman again 🙂

Surprisingly today, getting a good shot of the flag has been surprisingly easy… Is it the independence spirit already? Then, let me write my name for the memory: Azza, the national neck name of this land.. And let me again listen to that song: ‘Azza gomi kfak noomik: Azza wake up, enough sleep already!’…

Frankly, that is also aligns perfectly with the title of this post… The word is only a mild description of this past week.. I would use ‘fiasco’, but let’s save the drama for later!

Long story short, my ‘success journal’ is empty, and therefore I spent the morning struggling to comeup with something worthy of mentioning here. In other words, I ran away from my failure to actually produce results, and instead of taking a breather and reflecting, I just ran away!

And then Sunday came, the weekly –should be- party time. It simply kills the principle of ‘self-discpline’ to spend this morning in office pretending to do work… In an attempt to take responsibility, I’m officially documenting this to take the hit… I mean what is possibly worse than showing up in front of yourself, and discovering your major big achieving has been merely surviving!

To add a twist, I googled myself… Nothing fancy really, as I have been away from most social media for years now… And then I found it… It was a video interview of me when I was in Kenya earlier this month… Simon and Risha were keen into doing that, and frankly I was flattered… At the time, I only wished for a chance to change my clothes as I believed I would be better looking in a more ‘formal code’.. Risha was shocked by my comment, and Simon took me by surprise, and the youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23EDbSQPDJs) was released…

This too was ‘timely’! I mean, if Kenya was about a thing, then it was about learning and self-discipline. And there is actually never a time to re-live your success than when you are struggling. So, with that in mind, let me face this week… May it unravels as a week of discipline: success and prosperity for everyone.. Amen!



  1. Thank you Osman! I’m ‘guilty as charged’ on hiding and sharing only half truths; and even worse: sounding like ‘an angel’… More than ever, I realize that by acknowledging the opposite; the flaws and imperfection; only by that, do you achieve true growth…. That was an attempt from my side, and I pray for more moments of clarity… Your encouragement means a lot, and I’m grateful to you for that..


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