So, today, or this week so far, has been quite ‘strange’..

On one hand, my only achievement has been fixing  some configuration settings in a server I have been working on for 3+ months now! As grand as it sounds, this milestone should have been checked out ages ago, and it seems that the solution was right at hand all along! Yet, all in all, the whole situation was actually quite contradictory: thanks to careless handling, I’m connected to some brilliant minds in the contient! Not a bad deal, but I hope to do much more than maintain face for what is to come, and this ain’t exactly the best of starts!..

More bizarre though is the observation that a big chunk of my day, any given day, is actually spent socializing. In part, I would say it is the Christmass effect: those working abroad are coming back for a holiday, and a little catch up is always refreshing… University is only a first haven for many of its graduates, and luckily, Alhamdlilah, I’m part of that, so I have my share of nice incidents. Today was one of these days actually..

Some anticipation you have when you meet a familiar face for the first time in so long. You look for that difference, that little thing you would say has changed. You then feel -even if instantly- that you grew, just a little, wish the other party luck, and swear to be better yourself for next time.

And sometimes you don’t! You are face-to-face with the same person you left when you were kids- only the wrinkles or grey hairs that set them apart from what you know.. As if years didn’t pass them by, as if no growth what so ever happened. This, the possible explanations, are all just disappointing: Is it that you went far ahead, or that you two seperated ways long ago that you see things from completely different sides, too diverged to meet? Will you ever meet?

Guess one will need to wait to know! The old wisdom applies: ‘The beauty of life is that you live it forward, and understand it backwards’..

To … ‘Serendipity‘!



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