Great start!

Alhamd lilah 🙂

I could not have possibly imaginged a better start… Writing today from Nile street: Fresh morning breeze, amazing Nile view, friendly traffic..  My hands are freezing, but these keyboard strikes seem to have come on their own!

Looking at Kahraman, the nile ferry, reminds me of that so promised Nile trip… The one never I never took before… Well, today is not the day, but one day will!

The scene is spectacular.. Totti looks so close by… A shack looks like a toursits’ designation at the other river side… That peaceful bridge is the peacful bridge… How  would it be if one lived across a bridge… Missing taking dad to/ from Bahri… That Nile view was my fresh start everyday… The simple life, the simple pleasures, the serenity, the reminder that no technology can be irrelevanat: there is inherent beauty in nature, the best of engineered products fail short to grasp… God, I love this land!

Looking back at my journal, I realize 2 things: a. jornaling is not as frequenct as I whish for it to be, b. Some days have their history written, and they were good to read.. For now, for this moment… I’m choosing to focus on this part, I’m giving myself a pat on the shoulder…

I’m about to heatd to office… My to do list is not as short as my drive… But if it wasn’t for these stolen moments.. (at least I’m trying), probably no progress will be made…

Leaving you now!

To new starts, and to happy beginnings… May your life be filled with joy nd optimism! Amen!



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