Some gratitude :)

I am now writing from the comfort of my bed with my beloved family– finally back home to Khartoum…

And the reason I’m writing is that I believe I am blessed.

Blessed for all the great people I have met, encountered and be friended with throughout my life to date- not to say that I’m a good friend or not.

This particulair writing, is about 2 of such great people. One is an old personal friend of mine, who despite the years, is still as vibrant as I could remember. We chatted for hours, nothing like the old days, but I hope it was towards a greater good.

That chat was about the yet-to-be a star in our sky – I hope. None but my student, Ahmed E. A. A. Though in many ways, it is too early to judge, though I may not be in the ‘right’ place to make this judgement, I believe he shall one day be of the greatest minds of this nation. He is no short of talent, capability and will, and people like him, armed with proper mentorship are doomed to be successful- I know. I have seen the spark in his eyes!

My plan for this one, is to hook him up with the right people, such that he is in the right place to pursue his life plans- learning from the best, to satisfy his thirst to knowledge. But also to guide it towards a tangible good.

I am betting on this one against time, and as such, I am betting to win.. So, Ahmed, please proof me right!

And you my reader, if by any chance you know someone in robotics, a true mentor, please let me know!



  1. God bless u, my blessed Azza!
    You’re always & always will be my role model & source of inspiration! I Can’t deny how much I admire u, & I owe u indeed for who I’ve become in my life! All your lucky students are definetely sharing me these thoughts!
    Keep it up, my dearest sister!
    The best is yet to come! & hey, for sure u deserve it 🙂


    • I’m humbled by these words… Thank you for your faith, your trust and your prayers… Please let them shower us all with blessings and wisdom…
      And also: I’m only human… O Allah, make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for what they do not know about me, and do not take me to account for what they say about me.


    • Kiitos! Iloitsemme kyllä ja ehdottomasti pidämme huoltaja ja hellimme. Niin se taas meni 1,5 tuntia aamusta paÃoksyk¶ttötoimenpiteisiin. Murinaakin saimme taas vähän kuunnella. Kissa se sitten pystyykin vääntymään mitä ihmeellisimpiin asentoihin.


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