More learning

Today was day 4 of the Kenyan icipe NGS workshop… And to your expectation, it was yet another great learning exercise…

There are my ‘bench-mates’:Dawit from Ethiopia, who is ‘super’: he does serious science..!, Triza is also Super, she will be doing PhD in  Mars, no kidding… That girl is impressively oriented, knowledgeable, helpful and humble… What  a combination! And our third is Ensel, another interesting guy.. Though we didn’t interact much, he is quite approachable and down to earth…

But probably, more interesting of all is Simon Martin… It is just striking how much respect this he has for his supervisors particularly, and other scientists generally…The admiration with which he talks about Fisher and Writgh… That is just, I mean, Wow!.. Only matched by a unlimited amount of time and energy he would spend walking an entire class/ or an individual around any given issue until it is totally clear… Looking at him, I remember one of my first teachers in this arena: Jean-Baka DE.. What a scientist!… It is truly this community that makes it worth the effort… Alhamd lilah 🙂

I think I’m writing these lines to pay this community some respect and gratitude… To my supervisors, teachers and mentors:  Wishing them the best in life… Striving to join their league… To my colleages: Thank you for enriching my experience.. To my family: Thank you, beyond all else…


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