Mid-course break: lessons learned

So today was the 3rd day of this full week workshop,  and i think so far so good,  alhamd lilah. .. its just that i wish i was a bit more prepared for it. .. I mean there were a part for mentoring that would have been far more valuable should i had the right questions… But all is not lost, or for that to happen, I’m writing here!

I mean, if I could summarize the action plan from today, I would say : reassess my map… That is not going to be easy, but it is the right step from now…

Below, are the rules for a fruitful life:

  • B.K.* :”I’m very specific about how i spend my time”
  • R.G.*:” maybe you want to go after the big guys,  big impact projects, 》》》big impact publications》》》 or,  you go to high profile lab,  and it builds up your reputation!”
  • R.G.*:”I have no publications, true. But I’m in a big lab… Now i can a afford to choose my projects,  but also more critically, i have the wisdom to know the difference… i also get to be around the big guys: magdi yaqoub, Nobel laureates and more….”
  • R.G.*:”Back home is way too slow,  there is more to life,  and is not about where you are: i put on light music in my ears,  start reading,  and boom!my train is here. ..”
  • R.G.*:”We can a afford to fly home now. .. We already have a retirement plan,  and we don’t need to plan that one!  Just go home!”
  • And from a Kenyan coleauge: “We Kenyans, snap the chance when it comes passing by… “

So, now.. I need to put these in action! So, here is my challenge: In a year from now: 2/12/2016, what have would you have done that you could trace back to these words? There should be plenty, and I invite you to write it up below!

Knowing your potential, I hope you snap this chance…


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