Kenyan peace

Alsalam alikm from Kenya!

So i have Been on the move recently!  This time, my plane landed in Kenya,  and what an amazing land it is. . Nature is particularly nice here: great sceneries everywhere, rich flora,  great fauna and just the right weather!  What a perfect combination for all kind of magic!

Human diversity is by no means less: in this workshop,  the instructors are inter-continental : Fiji,  Australia, UK & Kenya.  Students as well: Sudan, Uganda,  Kenya, seralione, Nigeria,  south Africa,  to name a few!

This only matches the variety of applications: the very thin layer of NGS joining us all here,  covers underneath everything from viruses & bacteria to rare diseases. ..

Is this coincidence,  or it is just manifestation to the fact life is all around,  happening in all forms and tastes?.isn’t it exactly this that makes it so worthy of living?. . I think I’m one of a select few who are blessed to experience this,  and for that,  I can only be grateful. ..


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