Chapter 2

This sounds like a good title… The previous chapter lasted since April- the day this blog was created, and it is only proper to pay my respect to that time, look back, evaluate, and take note of the lessons learned..

For a starter, the old wisdom is always valid: ‘a tiny consistent act, is better than a lot on on/off basis’… It is an prophetic principle, and who better to take wisdom from, REALLY…  I think I just re-learned that the hard way.. Not a single post in 6+ months, not a single goal on my check list for the year scratched-off to date!

Another wisdom: “failure to planning, is planning to failure!” The mere intention to do something is meaningless unless coupled with a strategy: time, action, consequence…  Probably the reason I’m not writing is that i intend to, but not commited to!


Therefore, here is the title of this chapter: “Let commitment begin!”

  • Bed time routine: blogging & non-work-related reading
  • Morning routine: Knocking out the beast
  • Life routine: focus

I will stick with these, and let you know by new year in shaa Allah.. May Allah give us the strength, wisdom and sincerity…

Acknowledgement: These thoughts are really inspired by the amazing article from:


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